EP 21 - Adam Boyle

EP 21 - Adam Boyle

Titan Fit 40 Challenger Adam Boyle asks the question that we all wonder; how do you create more time? How do you fit fitness in? 


[1:30] “I’ve impressed myself to see I’m going to smash my goal.”

[2:15] “Programs like this that provide accountability on both sides, I’m paying for a service and that’s got to deliver the product that I want.”

[4:05] “I have two little kids and the person who’s supported me the most through this is my wife.”

[4:45] “Everyone has those weekends where friends come over or you have a client function and it’s a matter of saying I’m not going to let one night set me back.”  

M [8:15] “When you give so much you need the isolation for yourself.” 

M [9:00] “The only thing we can control is our breathing.”

[16:15] “I was talking to another member and even though they do a spin session and even though there is all that noise in that chaos, they can still find the stillness and clarity for themselves.”

[20:00] “My perception of the gym was that this place is only for elite athletes but now I understand everyone is the same.” ⁣⁣


[3:20] Adam and Mets as they share their wisdom about sustainable fitness journeys and the importance of support, accountability and commitment. After all, big results only require gradual adjustments!⁣

[4:41] Adam and Mets discuss the importance of mutual accountability in the 40 day Challenge process and how important it is to put in the effort to get the most out of Titan's service and your own results.⁣

[12:15] Adam and Mets debunk the fitness myth that you have to work yourself into the ground to change your physique. ⁣

[16:30] How fitness provides stillness and clarity of mind.