EP 10 - Cameron Williams

EP 10 - Cameron Williams

Mets chats with presenter Cam Williams about his journey from small town Emerald in Queensland to becoming a sports presenter on one of Australia's biggest TV channels. They both also discuss the ever-changing world of journalism and media and the key points in his career.


[4:00] “In those days there wasn’t a lot of crossovers between newspaper and television.”

[9:13] “I still find it a challenge, I don’t get nervous about being on TV anymore or in front of a camera.”

[16:32] “The world is getting cheaper with fast communications and technologies - there is a lot more sharing.”

[17:11] “Media is being rationalised and fractured into so many different ways of people viewing or reading material.”

[31:31] “This is what it feels like at the end of the world.”

[44:30] “Life is going to take you different places, the motto is to make the most of the situations you find yourself in.”


[1:50] Firstly, Cameron discusses his childhood in Emerald where his only source of media was the occasional newspaper and radio which ignited his interest in media. 

[4:53] Cam goes into his storytelling past as a sports journalist at a national newspaper to making the move to a presenter on TV. He explores how he misses seeing people reading his story in the newspaper.

[9:54] Cam details how he's overcome his shyness in front of camera, but still gets nervous and intimidated in front of groups of people.

[17:53] Cam discusses how much journalism has changed since he has been in the business through the ever-changing forms of communication.

[22:01] Cam goes into depth about his interesting meeting with 19 year old Mike Tyson at the pinnacle of his career making Cam know journalism was what he wanted to do as a career.

[43:54] He then discusses his witness of the tragic events of Sichuan 2008 earthquake, another moment of his career that is his most memorable.