EP 11 - Jim Dymock

EP 11 - Jim Dymock

Mets meets NRL legend Jim Dymock to chat about Jim’s successful journey into rugby league, his history with the Bulldogs and his move from player to coach.


[6:40] “I lived most my life in playgrounds back then - there was no iPhones around.”

[11:50] “A fourteen year career, you represented your country, you represented New South Wales and Tonga - the highest honours in rugby league.”

[17:45] “You don’t have to be their best mates, but you have to respect them and what they do on the field.”

[24:37] “What Tony Ray said might be an avenue for me to take up.”

[34:22] “It’s not about the game, the game’s easy. It’s the training and preparation that goes in it. Hard work beats talent.”


[4:05] Jim goes into depth about his entry into the NRL and his early rugby league days. 

[7:00] Jim discusses the difference in generations from when he was growing up to now and how it was easier to flourish in that environment. 

[12:20] Jim talks about his first ever game played against the Gold Coast with the Western Suburb Magpies. 

[18:17] He then chats about his tie in the NFL while being in court for their Australian Super League contracts.

[23:32] Jim delves into his change from player to coach. 

[32:37] Jim then discusses his move from the Bulldogs to Cronulla. 

[35:24] Mets and Jim chat about how to be successful in NFL you need to put in the hard work as opposed to replying on talent.