EP 13 - Zah Azmi

EP 13 - Zah Azmi

Find out how Zah went from having his first business failing to building Luxland, a boutique development company that provides an end to end service for its customers among other successful businesses. He shares the struggles over the years that have helped build the successful businesses he now has and the things he’s learnt along the way. He speaks about being a forever student and surrounding himself with the right people. He discusses the importance of having a goal and purpose. Mets and Zah discuss things that hold millennials back, but also the opportunities they have. ⁣⁣

Zah outlines exactly what it is that makes Luxland different and the service they provide.

[5.30] The importance of long term and lasting relationships is the basis of the business model.

[6.05] Zah shares the journey from where he started, the successful and unsuccessful businesses he’s had along the way. 

[9.14] Zah shares the reality of how hard it can be to own a business, but also that it is worthwhile.

[10.00] Coping mechanisms and habits that have helped along the way. The things you can’t learn in a text book. Surrounding yourself with like-minded and positive people and getting rid of negative people in your life.

[17.10] Strategies behind the scenes at Luxland. Setting goals and having a purpose.

[23.00] The huge opportunities that millennials have to both fail and succeed in today's world.

[24.19] The growth of Luxland and the size of current projects and the longer term goal and the bigger picture.

[30.30] The importance of dedicating time to keeping fit and personal development. 

[32.50] Zah shares his top three bits of advice for young people.