EP 14 - Richie “Vas” Vaculik

EP 14 - Richie “Vas” Vaculik

Richie “Vas” Vaculik is a mixed martial artist who has competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Flyweight division and also a big wave surfer from Maroubra, Australia. He chats all about how competing in surfing wasn’t for him, instead he just wanted to chase the best waves in the world. He also discusses failures, overcoming them and what failing over the years has taught him. He talks about how he’s feeling about his fighting career and his hopes to get back in the cage this year because his heart, mind and body is still feeling ready for it. He talks to Mets about the quantity of training he does and juggling it with other aspects of life such as work and family because fighting is a selfish sport and the traits that are important for success in your sporting field. ⁣⁣


[1.10] Richie gives us a bit of background into his early days as a surfer and how he got into MMA.

[5.05] Richie speaks about fear and his approach to it.

[8.45] “Failures are just learning curves” Richie discusses failures and overcoming them. How hard it was to deal with them at the time but what he has learnt since.

[12.40] Richie is hoping to get back in the cage this year and he speaks about how his current training is going and the importance of recovery for longevity.

[19.05] “Where your head's at, your body is going to follow” He reflects back on advice he should have taken earlier in his career and that it is 90% mental and 10% physical.

[21.50] Richie discusses the traits he feels are most important to be a world class sports person.

[23.20] There were times when Richie was tired, didn’t want to go to the gym and had to cut weight. He discusses how he got through these times.

[25.50] He looks back over the lessons he learnt over both his surfing and fighting career and any advice he would give to anyone looking to pursue a career in either sport.

[28.30] Richie talks about his competitive nature and that he’s always had an “what he can do I can do” attitude and that it was also his speaking before his thinking that made him do things.

[30.10] Richie never in his wildest dreams thought he would release a book. He talks about both his reaction to the offer and his friends reaction and how it happened.

[32.20] Richie has a lot on his plate and he talks about how his focus changes and shifts as things change and opportunities present themselves.