EP 15 - Robbie Frame

EP 15 - Robbie Frame

This week we catch up with the snapchat KING and WBFF Pro Robbie Frame to discuss social media, fitness and hard work! 

What it takes to make it in the Fitness Industry! ⁣


[1:30] “That’s what sets you apart.”

[1:35] “We want to grow as individual and also help other grow in the industry as well.”

[1:50] “I had the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney.”

[4:24] “The festive season helps me to reflect on the year. And set new goals for the year ahead.”

[4:52] “Having that opportunity to take your foot off the pedal, but I mean your mind is always racing.”

[5:02] “The likelihood of you switching off completely is highly unlikely.”

[5:44] “The fitness industry is overly saturated, everyone want to be in it.”

[6:12] “To be successful in the fitness industry, you need to find a point of difference beyond anything that comes with your personal brand or the product and/or service you are providing, your gym or a supplement line that you are providing.”

[6:42] “It always comes down to work ethic.”

[7:05] “Do you think you are more talented than a hard worker or do you think you are more of a hard worker than talented?”

[7:26] “I think I learnt very early on in high school that if I wanted to be successful with my sporting endeavours, or I wanted to be successful in my academics, it didn’t come naturally to me like it does to others.”

[7:51] “I had to put in the extra effort behind the scenes when no else was watching.”

[8:00] “If I want to take it to the next level, I have to be willing to do what aren't willing to do.”

[8:17] “There are thousands and thousands of people who have a better physiques than me, so what’s my point of difference?”

[8:28] “You need to hustle and you need to work harder. In other areas which is going to bring you success.”

[9:04] “I assess my day for the next 24 hours.”

[10:02] “Assess whether or not your actions are in line with your ambitions.”

[11:15] “Audit your behaviour and scrutinise whether or not this is wasted energy?”