EP 16 - Bec Brown

EP 16 - Bec Brown

Mets chats to Bec Brown. Bec is currently the managing director of The Comms Department. The Comms Department is a PR, social media, corporate communications and crisis management agency. Before starting The Comms Department, Bec spent half a decade as Senior Publicity and Promotions Manager for the world’s largest record company, Universal Music. They chat about empowering staff, constantly learning from their team and leadership approaches. They discuss failure and the fear of failure alongside confrontation and communication.⁣⁣


[3:33] “A good PR person is a psychologist, a lawyer and a journalist.” ⁣

[11:00] “If your team owns it then you’ve got a better business.” ⁣

[30:30] “The best business people are people who are resilient and adaptable.” ⁣

[34:30] “You need to allow yourself the room to grow.”⁣⁣
[35:09] Bec shares her definition of “great people”.⁣


[0:24] Bec tells us about The Comms Department, who they are and what they do and the journey that led to her getting where she is today. ⁣

[18:00] Mets and Bec discuss continually learning and those that teach them lessons and always being open to trying new approaches. ⁣

[19:50] Mets and Bec talk about what makes an amazing company and not treating staff as employees but as colleagues. ⁣

[23:00] Being questioned can often hit your ego a bit, but having an approach questioned can often lead to a new approach. It's important to have an approach, but that can be open to alternative approaches. ⁣

[24:00] Mets talks about owning his decisions for the year ahead. ⁣

[27:00] Purpose and strategy is important, as is drive, but it's also important to know your limits and know when you need a break. ⁣

[31:40] Changing leadership approaches and getting to know your team and connecting with them.⁣

[36:57] Mets chats tough love and being happy with his decisions even if others don’t like it.⁣

[39:00] Communication, giving staff a pat on the back, but also making sure that people don’t get complacent and ensuring that standards don’t drop.