EP 17 - James Cant

EP 17 - James Cant

Australia’s first Physique Pro James Cant, we’re going to find out how he managed to get this at such a young age.

James has gone through some big transitions in his career, and were going to delve into how he’s changed his life from the 18 hours he used to work, which caused a few problems and how he came back from that. ⁣⁣

[1:28] “I was always competitive, I was the kid back in school that always had to win.”

[1:42] “In my final year of footy, when I was planning on taking it to the next level, I did one knee and then the other knee.”

[1:54] “When I injured both my knees, I couldn’t play footy anymore so I decided I was going to get big then.”

[2:05] “I got approached by a photographer in a gym and said I should do this Mens Health Comp.”

[2:17] “At 18, I was the youngest by at least a decade.”

[2:33] “I won and then I just kept competing from there.”

[2:38] “When I turned 20, I won my first pro card.”

[2:50] “Went back to the US to compete in my first pro card and did pretty well, I got 2nd in the first one which is pretty cool.”

[3:30] “Let’s talk about your credentials, you studied Medical Science…”

[3:54] “My goal originally after I did my HSC was to get into medicine or pharmacy. That was where I was going to go or so I thought.”

[5:19] “So anytime you peak, there’s always a negative. There’s a polar opposite to it and you had to learn obviously the hard way about crashing and burning. What happened at that point?”

[5:42] “I was gaining a heap of clients, I had about a hundred or so clients, that I was looking after all by myself.”

[6:12] “I was prepping for about 18 months to 2 years straight and that was drug free.”

[7:19] “I went for a period of 2 weeks, where I wouldn’t eat any solid foods.”

[7:40] “I remember in my 20s, you feel invincible and it’s a good thing to have and you still need that later on.”

[9:55] “Was that causing you stress, trying to go to sleep?”

[10:42] “With your clients, you must have learnt so much and to know exactly what you should do.”

[12:09] “I’m super glad, that I went through all that shit with my stress in order to be able to understand and empathise to help them through it.”

[12:33] “Your breathing is massive.”

[13:26] “Just fix up your diet and don’t eat crap.”

[14:09] “A lot of your anxiety can come from food.”

[15:53] “There’s nothing healthy about what I am currently doing.”

[16:33] “Your discipline is only as good as how badly you want to reach your end goal.”

[17:32] “If this works, then hell yeah I will do it like this in the future.”

[18:16] “At some points, you have to push yourself to stressful levels.”

[18:30] “Stress is what drives change.”

[18:40] “It’s not about having a zero stress lifestyle, it’s about selectively choosing your stresses.”

[18:50] “Our human potentials are limitless.”

[18:57] “What supplements do you advocate to your clients and which ones do you tell them to steer clear from?”

[21:42] “Probiotics, what are your thoughts on them?”

[23:02] “The way that I define a good diet and a healthy diet, is do you feel good, are you getting bloated, if you’re not getting bloated that’s a good thing. If your bowel movement is all sweet then that’s good. If you’re doing all that, then you’re sweet.”

[24:10] “If you over consume it, you start getting an immune response to chicken. It’s one of the biggest immune responses I see from the people that come to me, chicken and eggs.”

[26:29] “Even better is getting it locally sourced.”