EP 2 - Jess Nugent

EP 2 - Jess Nugent

Mental health can be difficult to deal with, and even harder to speak about. In M&M Episode 2, we catch up with Jess Nugent who bravely shares her personal journey and insights on how she took control. Tune in now and follow Jess' story as she shares how she overcome anxiety and constantly strives to achieve more. Playing an integral role in operations at Muscle Republic and modelling herself, this isn't an episode to miss.

How to overcome mental struggles, Jess is a Fitness influencer and The Brand Manager of Muscle Republic.⁣


[1.33] “I’ve always been interested in psychology specifically, but through my journey I’ve realised that the brand that you align yourself with, if their core values are you know in the realm of helping other people, you have a good ability to touch the people that you can help.”

[2:09] “Vic the owner of Muscle Republic, I’ve known for a very long time. We both have values that align with one another and both of us were positively influenced with fitness, which is primarily what the brand of Muscle Republic is about.”

[2:50] “The main thing with anxiety and depression is, there’s more people that are suffering from it than we know. It’s not really talked about. It’s something that a lot of people are ashamed to admit.”

[3.40] “I don’t think anxiety is abnormal.”

[4.25] “It’s the fear of saying the wrong thing.”

[5:05] “For me, what causes it is just wanting to look a certain way and to think in today’s day and age, social media everyone’s putting everything out there and creating this picture of their lives when we’re all human but no one wants to look human.”

[5:38] “Do you find it hard to show your vulnerabilities?”

[5.43] “Did it get easier once you accepted it?”

[9:00] “Is it hard taking advice from someone that’s never gone through it?”⁣

[10:05] “Does anxiety lead to depression?”

[10:14] “Depression can be a chemical in balance in your brain. Some people’s brains don’t produce as much cortisol as they should.”