EP 3 - Lauren Simpson

EP 3 - Lauren Simpson

This week on Muscle and Mind we sit down with Lauren Simpson. Lauren is Australia's leading fitness and health model and has just recently placed 2nd at the WBFF world's competition in London. Listen to Episode 3 to hear Lauren's amazing story and how she became a social media star who is now positively influencing millions of people around the world.

Behind the scenes of our relationship, working with multiple brands, brand synergies, building relationships that are mutually beneficial and just continuing to grow. ⁣⁣⁣


[2:55] “I am actually fairly new to the industry, I’ve only been in it for the past 2 years. I actually have a background in corporate.”

[3.17] “I never thought I would be in the position I am today in the fitness industry.”

[4:22] “I took fitness to an unhealthy obsession, to the other extremes.”

[4:43] “I was trying to burn as many calories as possible and eat as little as possible.”

[5.08] “I was 50kg at the time, and to put that into perspective I am now at 63kg.”

[7:34] “It is very competitive at the moment, every second person wants to be a fitness model or an online coach, being a pro in their federation. It is what everyone want to do now and it isn’t for everyone.”

[8:25] “Were you always this strong?”

[8:54] “It has taken me a while to progressively get to what I do what I do now.”

[12.52] “Three words to describe Lauren Simpson.”