EP 32 - Stuart Cooke

EP 32 - Stuart Cooke

Stuart Cooke hasn't been sick in over 20 years, how does he manage it? Stuart shares his nutritional and habitual advice for supporting health and wellbeing long term. ⁣


[7:09] Stuart's moment of realisation with mis-information spread by the media ⁣

[10:54] The usefulness of genetic testing to engineer your diet to serve you. ⁣

[20:08] The negative effect of technology's instant gratification ability on concentration levels and mental clarity. ⁣

[32:00] Mets and Stuart talk about the dominance of the sugar industry and the future effects it will have on the health of younger generations.⁣

[38:00] How Stuart blew out his adrenal system.⁣

[49:25] Mets and Stuart exchange strategies to deal with stress productively.