EP 31 - Jag Chima

EP 31 - Jag Chima

Turn pain into power and master the art of positive self talk to fuel your positive influence on the world with entrepreneur and business partner in Kris Gethin Gyms, Jag Chima. ⁣

An engaging and genuine conversation between two leading fitness professionals, M&M's episode will encourage you to jump in the deep end.⁣


[3:46] The process in networking and seeking out professional opportunities. ⁣

[5:55] Jag emphasises quality over quantity in business, relationships and personal success. For Jag, being purposeful and meticulous about the foundations of any goal is crucial to ensure you progress. ⁣

[15:35] The importance of practicing what you preach. ⁣

[19:42] The story behind Jag's devastating motorbike crash.⁣

[24:27] Jag's incredible 1450km bike ride from New Delhi to Mumbai and why it was a challenge he had to complete for his own mental health.⁣

[28:24] Discipling his mind throughout the journey, Jag has valuable advice on how to face challenges head on and earn respect. ⁣

[34:56] How critical is environment for the person you are and your potential for success?