EP 36 - Jim Dymock

EP 36 - Jim Dymock

On this episode of the M&M Show, I invited good friend, former rugby league player and coach to teams including the Cronulla Sharks, Canterbury Bulldogs and the Tongan National Team, Jim Dymock. For Jim, who has had years of experience playing with and coaching exceptional sportsman, there is more to the 1% best players than skill alone. With a deep commitment to family and integrity, Jim has an unexpected approach towards his players, their training and the attitude he encourages on and off the field. To find out what elite coaches are really looking for in our top sportsman, tune in to this episode of the M&M Show.⁣


[4:10] What does it means to 'compete every time'?⁣

[9:00] Pre-game rituals, do they help on field performance?⁣

[11:30] What Jim believes distinguishes the best players.⁣

[14:47] Jim's professional hardships and his mindset when working through disappointment.⁣

[23:32] How the game of rugby league is changing.⁣

[29:55] The defining characteristics of the top 1% of players.⁣

[36:00] Generational challenges of today's young players.⁣

[39:10] The risk ego places on professional rugby players and their career longevity.⁣

[44:50] Where does Jim think rugby league is going in the future?⁣

[48:58] What makes a great coach?