EP 37 - Shawn Wells

EP 37 - Shawn Wells

Acclaimed Biochemist, Dietician and Performance Nutritionist to the stars, Shawn Wells onto the M&M Podcast. Shawn dives straight into the no fuss, accessible truths of health and wellness. His straight forward approach to optimal living and longevity will leave you re-thinking your diet, rituals and lifestyle from the inside out.


2:41 What is bio-hacktivism and how can you implement it?

9:04 Shawn's simple, free and accessible strategy to live longer and have a better quality of life.

13:15 How to bio-hack your emotions every day and engineer your moods.

25:08 You have the power to action your desires, Shawn shares his experiences reshaping his environment.

32:25 What are the new 'fad' diets and are you falling victim to them?

33:59 Have you seen Game Changers? Shawn deconstructs the truth and fallacy of the pseudo-documentary.

39:54 Mets and Shawn discuss the history of fasting and its benefits for your physical performance and mental clarity.

48:48 What is the Mito Diet and why will it change the medical industry?

51:44 The Supplement you should be taking right now.