EP 39 - Ben Pakulski & Milos Sarcev

EP 39 - Ben Pakulski & Milos Sarcev

Bodybuilding legends, Ben Pakulski and Milos Sarcev share their insights on their bodybuilding journeys along with the importance of the mind-muscle connection. Tune in to find out what it took for Ben and Milos to reach their goals and what they learnt along the way.


3:16 Milos Sarcev and Ben Pakulski reflect on their journey’s to success and the mindsets that allowed them to get there.

7:57 How to optimise your training for the best results.

10:21 The key ingredient for success.

12:23 The consequences of settling for mediocrity.

15:05 The Yogi of Bodybuilding, Ben Pakulski, explains how meditation improves discipline and focus.

19:38 Once the teacher, now the student; Milos reflects on the never ending process of learning.

21:41 Lifting heavy is not always necessary to see results.

26:24 Why recovery is always important.

29:44 The straightforward way to improve your training.

33:55 The reason Milos revolutionised nutrition and training.

36:55 Ben reflects on how a disappointment can turn into your biggest opportunity.