EP 4 - Amy Fox IFBB Pro

EP 4 - Amy Fox IFBB Pro

Meet Australia's first ever IFBB Physique Pro, Amy Fox. As an elite personal trainer and educator Amy has seen the highs and lows of the fitness industry. This is not an episode to miss!

“My feelings actually, when I won my Pro Card, I actually panicked. I was overwhelmed because of the amount of people that come to watch technically no bodies.” - Amy Fox ⁣⁣


[1:32] “You turned pro in 2013, what were you feeling?”

[2:30] “I stepped off the stage and had a little panic attack.”

[2:47] “I began to doubt myself.”

[3:15] “I’ve been competing since 2007.”

[4:00] “After I won, I had two women run up to me and tell me how they have been watching me compete for years.”

[6:00] “I’ve always said to myself, I’m not going to compete unless I know I’m actually ready and better than my last competition.”

[7:23] “I’m not willing to do that to myself.”

[7:45] “What do you prefer, competing, coaching or teaching?”

[8.43] “You said you did 15 different shows before you became pro. Just for the people listening, prepping 15 different times and not getting to that level, it’s years and dedication. It must have taken its toll on you, but did you believe that whole time through that you were going to get to that goal?”

[15:15] “There’s so much competition now.”