EP 5 - Candice Warner, Australian Iron Woman

EP 5 - Candice Warner, Australian Iron Woman

Candice Warner is a professional Iron woman, surf life saver, model, mother of two and the wife of Australian cricketer, David Warner. Want to hear how she juggles her amazing life?

“I feel like if I can set a good example for my kids and live a healthy lifestyle, eat the right things as much as I can, exercise, and enjoy being outdoors then hopefully that will rub off on them.” - Candice Warner ⁣⁣


[2:15] “I just did the Gold Coast marathon.”

[2:24] “I did it for a number of reasons, since having kids I haven’t set any goals and achieved a lot. So I wanted to just achieve something again.”

[3:54] “I just fell in love with the sport.”

[4:12] “I just love training and I guess I’m lucky that I do like training. Otherwise I wouldn’t have achieved the things that I did.”

[4:23] “When I turned 14 I tried out for the professional series and I was the youngest person to ever qualify and it just went from there.”

[4:48] “So you have the stress head, the guy that doesn’t care about anything and then you’ve got the competitive one.”

[5:20] “He’s always been very supportive of myself and everything that I do and whether we’re training together, he just supports me and really encourages me.”

[6:03] “How old are you?”

[6:30] “How do you manage such a schedule?”

[7:25] “Can you tell us any of the setbacks you must have had?”

[8:08] “As I got older I wasn’t as disciplined with my training and because of that I didn’t have the confidence because I wasn’t competing well.”

[8:22] “When I won my first professional race, I think it was 2012, it was one of the most amazing feelings that I had that I was finally the best.”

[8:42] “My biggest setback was not believing in myself.”

[11:20] “What happened when you got off, what happened? You didn’t cook the chicken properly?”

[11:26] “So what are we having for dinner tonight?”

[13:06] “Pat, when you’re walking around Coogee. Who’s watching the beach?”

[14:06] “Even now, being a mum. I thought she was going to struggle. I honestly did, she came from the discipline of an athlete.”

[14:35] “How is it like living with David Warner?”

[15:01] “I had death threats against me the day I kicked the door on him and he put it up and said I got attacked by my brother-in-law.”

[16:18] “Pat, I’ve noticed that you’ve had a bit of a ban on social media.”