EP 24 - Kate Fitzsimons

EP 24 - Kate Fitzsimons

Mets meets Kate Fitzsimons, Youth Motivational Speaker and Resilience Specialist and founder of the Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation. They discuss Kate’s story of how she chose to turn the tragic circumstances of her sisters death into inspiring young people about the importance of safety and mindfulness when travelling⁣


[1:12] “I became that sister determined to save other families from that heartache.” 

[2:00] “Every loss offers us an opportunity to become better.” 

[2:30] “Every 17 hours an Australian in South-East Asia dies.” 

[5:01] “You can go through something so dark and still find some light and meaning to get out of bed.” 

[9:21] “Regardless of the outcome, I will never look back and regret the love I had for my sister and creating the foundation.” 

[15:09] “The gym was my safety net and rock.” 

[17:37] “Nicole touched hearts and lived a life that made a difference. I usually picture in my head that we are in a relay race and that she's passing the baton on to me.” 

[19:04] “Your ability to be good at something, is your willingness to suck at it too.” 

[26:44] “If you’re willing to be uncomfortable you can achieve your dreams.” 

[30:01] “No-one is entitled to success they haven't yet earned.” 

[34:04] “You are the CEO of your life and it's important to own your wins and your losses.” 


[1:27] Kate talks about the tragic circumstances surrounding her sister’s death and how she has overcome these obstacles to become the inspiring individual she is today. 

[3:23] Discusses her time speaking in front of school children and how they respond to her talks about travel safety and the story of Nicole. 

[5:12] Both Mets and Kate chat about the importance of being honest with your feelings and discuss the importance of vulnerability. 

[8:45] Mets talks about the aftermath of losing his dad and how thats make a long-lasting effect on his outlook and attitude about life ever since. 

[10:01] Kate talks about the pressure of starting Nicole’s Foundation and how she wants to continue going around schools and using her platform to inspire more children. 

[14:01] Chats about how important physical training is for you mental wellbeing. 

[18:32] Mets and Katie discuss they beauty of imperfection and how it helps you connect with other human beings better. 

[23:01] Both chat about work on the road and negatives and positives and negatives of spending a lot of time alone.