EP 26 - Murat Analin

EP 26 - Murat Analin

You have to be more than normal to avoid mediocrity. In this week’s episode learn what it truly means to be the underdog. Gain some valuable insight into the origins of Titan Fitness and how Mets and Murat have worked through rejection and adversity to accomplish their goals. On this episode, discover Murat’s personal journey and inspiration to get involved in fitness that continues to drive him. For Murat, hunger and discipline are the components of long lasting mental and physical health. By learning and evolving over time you can own your power and intention.⁣

On this weeks episode of M&M, Met’s and his brother Murat discusses their childhood and how they struggled through hardship to get where they are now. They also discuss the recent passing of their late father and how that has impacted their lives for the better.


[1:13] “It’s been a massive part of our lives for over 20 years.” 

[1:22] “My brother was a big inspiration for me growing up as a ten year old in primary school.” 

[3:31] “If I’m not allowed in the gym, I’ll do alternate things.” 

[6:19] “You owe it to mum and dad, without them it wouldn’t be possible.” 

[9:16] “I was never a volume trainer, I was sort of moderate and reduced calories.” 

[12:21] “What made you come back again?” 

[16:14] “That’s where the competitive nature of the family comes in, we never want to give up.” 

[18:49] “No one would quit.” 

[20:45] It’s never ending, you can never say I’m good at my craft. You’ve just got to keep working at it everyday. Just chipping away with hunger, passion and discipline. You will always get better.” 

[22:50] “I’m going to go out and prove to people that you can do it.” 

[28:14] “This year was a hard year for all of us, but the impact it’s on both of us is incredible.” 

[30:01] “Get disciplined and get moving.” 

[33:11] “He loved the outdoors and loved the gym. He just wished he was in this era, genetically he was different.” 

[37:13] “Be competitive against yourself, the only person you can compete with is the person in the mirror.” 

[39:43] “You’ve got to have a goal, vision and a dream.” 


[0:46] Mets and Murat go right back to the start and discuss how their interest and passion of the fitness world came to be. 

[2:03] Murat talks about how he decided that his passion was weight-lifting and the inspiration about basing his career around lifting. 

[10:08] Murat the goes on to discuss his first bodybuilding competitions and how he was successful. 

[14:05] Murat and Mets talk about the intense workouts they used to do in conjunction with working all day at the gym. 

[16:57] The boys both then talk about their parents and how their competitive and resilient nature comes from them. 

[18:02] They both discuss the hardships of owning their own gyms and how they would have to move their machinery around themselves in the early days to move from gym to gym. 

[21:23] Murat and Mets then talk about their attitude of constantly working hard and getting better everyday. 

[25:00] They then move on to talk nutrition and how strength is all down to mindset. 

[28:00] Both Mets and Murat talk about the massive impact their father had on their lives and their passion for fitness. They also discuss their father’s passing and how his memory has lived on in their hard working and humble attitude. 

[32:00] They talk about their eldest brother and how he inherited his father’s athletic genetics and also sense of humour. 

[37:51] Mets and Murat finish by talking about the importance of self-improvement and focusing and competing with yourself.