EP 7 - Garth Wood

EP 7 - Garth Wood

⁣Learning from your losses over your wins takes on a new meaning with professional boxer, Garth Wood. ⁣

Meet pro-boxer Garth Wood and hear about his experiences throughout his boxing career and how his childhood experiences shaped his career and who he has become today. His love and passion is training and helping people. He says how extremely important it is to have a positive mindset, ‘your thoughts control your life’.⁣


[2:50] How valuable a tough love childhood was for Garth's mental resilience and self discipline.⁣

[10:10] Garth's comical beginning to his professional athletic career. ⁣

[11:44] All elements of Garth's life are related and the importance of every decision he makes for his complete contentment. ⁣

[17:04] Garth's tips for picking himself back up after physical and mental knock downs.⁣

[20:35] Mets asks Garth's about his 'knock about' character and how it has served his professional success. ⁣

[24:33] Garth shares the hard work and self belief he needed to invest into his career.