EP 9 - 180 Nutrition

EP 9 - 180 Nutrition

Mets sits down with Stuart Cooke - owner of 180 nutrition to discuss many different areas such as being present on social media and overcoming challenges and obstacles. This podcast focuses on the importance of a positive mindset, a topic both Mets and Stuart are extremely passionate about.


[4:00] “One of their biggest issues - they couldn’t find a high street product that would suit their nutrient needs.”

[7:00] “What if what we are being told by mainstream media is wrong?”

[13:59] “We think we are happy because we have lots of friends on facebook but which have pulled us away from our community values.”

[18:40] “We only want to stick with products that we would give our children to eat.

[40:00] “When you do go to that level, the recovery is not there.”

[50:43] “What we want to do for our listeners is encourage them to become better thinkers.”


[2:30] Stuart tells the story about how he started 180 Nutrition and met Guy (his business partner) and through their passion of nutrition, created their brand.

[7:35] Stuart talks about how his interest in nutrition and misinformation by the media led to the creation of their own successful podcast.

[13:51] Stuart looks at the link between stress, social media and nutrition. 

[18:00] Stuart discusses the core values of the business and how important the relationship is between the partners of a business.

[30:00] Mets and Stuart discuss how crucial the need is for informed nutritional information online and in the media.

[41:00] Stuart looks at the effect stress has on your physical and mental health.

[47:27] Mets and Stuart delve into the importance of learning from failures in business and everyday life.

[56:00] They both summarise discussing the importance of looking at their own vulnerabilities.