EP 20 - My Posing Coach

EP 20 - My Posing Coach

Amy Fox shares insights on intuition, using self reflection to address your limitations and drawing on your support system as a crucial source of fuel to reach your goals.⁣


We had a connection because we were both doing something randomly.

[4:00] You always genuinely wanted the best from me.

[6:20] I used to come and pick you up from Camperdown!

[10:45] A lot of people take advantage but you have to push through and keep giving.

[13:20] The way the fitness industry is evolving, there will be jobs available to us that we’ve never dreamed of.

[13:50] I wouldn’t of thought my biggest money earner is teaching people how to pose here at Titan Fitness.

[14:40] The biggest thing I’m grateful for is having the flexibility and variety.

[20:20] People come to the gym for all different reasons, it’s a place where people from all walks of life come for different reasons.

[24:35] There’s nothing better than feeling comfortable at your work place.

[29:19] Everyone is going through something and they feel isolated.

[33:30] Never wait for a time to be perfect.”⁣


[14:54] How Amy supported her Personal Training business. ⁣

[17:15] The hard lessons Amy had to learn professionally.⁣

[24:26] Strategies for fat loss, hypertrophy and muscle gain. ⁣

[28:40] Amy's experience with Bodybuilding Competition and her perspective on the risks in Prep. ⁣

[35:31] Why being resilient against hardship is part of growth and as Amy and Mets agree continuous commitment will aid your long term success.⁣

[38:05] Struggle and hardship are highlighted as the greatest gifts for long term success and undeniable passion.