EP 33 - Keith Galloway

EP 33 - Keith Galloway

In this episode of M&M, Mets Analin sits down with Australian former professional rugby league footballer, Keith Galloway to find out the lessons Keith has learnt throughout his time in the lime light. Keith covers everything from what it takes to succeed in high level sport, his experiences during his overseas football stint and the importance of appreciating all of life's opportunities on and off the field.


[4:22] Keith covers everything from the highlights of his incredible football career.

[12:45] To strategies he used to deal with the limelight.

[14:15] With valuable advice on what it really takes to make it professionally.

[33:50] The impact on mental health on professional athletes.⁣

[37:22] How he looked out for his own well being to assist his smooth transition back to normal life.⁣⁣⁣
[44:55] His advice for new and up-coming players.⁣