EP 35 - Life Fitness

EP 35 - Life Fitness

In this episode of M&M, Mets Analin sits down with Derek Hill and Aaron Oman from Life Fitness to discuss their experience in the fitness industry, what it takes to have a fitness centre catered to longevity and where the fitness industry is going in the future. Tune in to find out where Life Fitness sees the fitness industry progressing.⁣


[8:13] Derek and Aaron share why consistency, trust and reliability form the basis of Life Fitness' expansion and the sustainability of their customer relationships.⁣

[19:16] Derek and Aaron have valuable advice on how to support long term professional relationships while also taking pride in product quality.⁣

[21:49] What does it take to be constantly striving to keep up with the pace of innovation?⁣

[33:01] Derek, Aaron and Mets get honest about their 20 year strong relationship with Titan Fitness, Titan Fitness' history and the qualities it takes to support a premium gym long term.⁣

[35:14] Mets, Derek and Aaron exchange stores about their years of experience navigating professional relationships and the natural cycles of the fitness industry.⁣

[53:33] The role technology plays in enhancing the fitness industry, what does Titan Fitness and Life Fitness intend to introduce to keep up?