EP 23 - Mark Stephens

EP 23 - Mark Stephens

Mets meets Mark Stephens a famous hypnotist who, for over three decades, has helped thousands of people change their lives. In 1990, Mark was diagnosed with a rapidly growing lymphoma and given just six months to live. Mets and Mark discuss how he had to utilise meditation to overcome the challenges he faced. 


[4:01] “Instagram is fantastic, so is social media. The problem is spending hours and hours on it.” 

[8:32] “Breathe in peace, breathe out and release.” 

[9:31] “The mind, even during meditation, will be too busy to focus.” 

[12:27] “People get stuck in the ‘I’ll do it later’ trance.”⁣⁣
[16:50] “Food had become the anaesthetic.” ⁣⁣

[18:52] “He was conditioned from a very early age, a lot of parents use food as a bribe. As a soother and a comforter.” 

[27:20] “Goals are everything. If you don’t have a goal, how do you know where you’re going?” 

[30:24] “He had burnt the idea into his mind.” 

[32:52] “Without action, you’re destined to fail.” 

[37:32] “Zen in the 70s was hugely popular.”⁣⁣⁣


[1:12] Mark explains how he started meditating at 8 years old in order to battle the fear of dying that came with suffering from chronic asthma. 

[5:00] Mets and Mark discuss social media and how it causes major procrastination in today’s society. 

[5:25] They both discuss Mark’s recent appearance on Current Affairs and how he helped a young girl called Chloe through his hypnotism. 

[9:02] They both then chat about the different types of meditation there is and the benefits of the practise as a whole. 

[12:27] Mets and Mark revise procrastination and how you can use meditation to overcome it. 

[14:39] Mark tells the story of Jordan, a man he helped to lose over 200kg and completely change his mindset! 

[25:54] Mets and Mark chat about the importance of goal setting and having a goal to work towards. 

[33:59] They then talk about how to utilise meditation in order to create an impact. 

[38:09] Mark talks about his childhood suffering with sever asthma and how he learnt yoga and meditation in hospital to overcome his panic attacks.