EP 22 - Nick Jones Gen-Tec

EP 22 - Nick Jones Gen-Tec

In today’s podcast, Mets meets GEN-TEC Founder and close friend Nick Jones to discuss Nick’s childhood, entry into the bodybuilding world and the creation of his well-known supplement company. They both discuss the importance of mental strength and how that has helped them throughout the many struggles that come hand in hand with owning your own business. 


[0:18] “If you’re helping me, you’re helping everyone.” 

[1:58] “I think I was about the only kid in school that only had a mum around.” 

[5:40] “Bodybuilding saved me for a couple of reasons.” 

[10:10] “Change the way you look at things and the way you look at things will change.” 

[19:58] “If I’m living my true self, I should always be confident about where I am.” 

[28:57] “How do we overcome those challenges? We do our best to rectify the problem.” 

[38:32] “I detach myself from me right now, I’m watching myself separately.” 

[46:13] “The most challenging things are the most rewarding.”

[55:56] “We have to be corporate athletes.” 


[1:12] Nick talks about his troubled childhood and the emotional impact his parents divorce had on him. 

[6:01] Nick discusses how important his entry into the bodybuilding industry was for him and how it taught him self-discipline amongst other things. 

[8:03] They both discuss the bodybuilder Frank Zane and the impact he has had on the fitness industry. 

[19:03] Mets and Nick chat about the significance of mediation and knowing your true self. 

[27:53] Nick talks about overcoming obstacles in his business and day to day life. 

[35:23] Nick and Mets talk about how they first met and the passion for podcasts. 

[44:45] Nick talks about his family and how he would never imagine himself as a family man and his love he has for his children. 

[55:30] They both chat about the importance of being on your game in business and to grow your mental strength.