EP 8 - Rachel & Emma Dillon

EP 8 - Rachel & Emma Dillon

We chat to WBFF PROS Rachel and Emma Dillon about their journey into fitness and created their hugely successful online business. The podcast also explores how hard they have worked to get where they are in the fitness industry.


[5:05] “People think you’re crazy when you tell them you’re going to leave a job that’s guaranteed and highly thought of.”

[6:01] “We’ve had several failures along the way, there has definitely been some tears and fights.”

[7:20] “Take your emotions out of the business. This is business, this is our friendship - they can’t be the same.”

[11:45] “I had a goal and I knew what I wanted.”

[13:21] “People lose sight in what’s important in their brand - which is their current clientele.”

[19:30] “Relationships are everything.” ⁣⁣

[3:06] Rachel and Emma talk about their entry into the fitness world and revisit their very different journeys.

[5:40] They now train thousands of girls worldwide through their online business.

[7:00] Rachel and Emma detail how they keep their business and emotions separate and how being sisters makes them more successful.

[11:21] Rachel discusses a typical day in her life when she first started competing and growing her online business.

[13:01] The girls talk about how they still work as personal trainers for girls they’ve known since the start of their journey.

[15:00] The girls discuss the importance of being you and focusing on your goal.

[15:37] Rachel and Emma chat about how crucial EHP Labs has been for their business.

[23:41] The girls finally chat about their vision and the hard work they have put in over four years to get where they are today.