EP 25 - Richy Williams

EP 25 - Richy Williams

Mets meets Richy Williams, the current Head of Player Development at the FAW Trust in Wales. Richy is an A license coach educator and has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the soccer industry including Thierry Henry, Michael Arteta, Pep Linnders, Ryan Giggs and Pep Guardiola throughout his coaching journey. 


“You see so many coaches that have such short careers, what is the difference between one coach going to that next level and another that doesn’t?” 

[3:15] “It struck me how much I didn’t know about the game.” 

[8:40] “Communication is key for being a good coach.” 

[12:22] “Attention to detail with simplicity is the best coaching.” 

[17:44] “It’s all about a psychosocial corner.” 

[23:23] “When substitutes come on, the intensity has to go up not down.” 

[32:00] “What makes a great football club, you have the players in the middle and the support staff around it.” 

[34:40] “There has to be accountability, whoever it is that comes to work with us.”


[0:40] Mets goes through all the achievements and job roles within coaching that Richy has undertaken throughout his soccer journey. 

[3:38] Richy chats about his journey from player to coaches in his soccer career. 

[10:50] They both discuss Pep Linnders and his technique and success coaching Manchester City. 

[18:01] Both Mets and Richy talk about the soccer players that make it into the premier league and how they make the cut. 

[23:34] They talk about how to spot a talented soccer player that will make it in the premier league. Mainly what their attitude is like and if they improve the game. 

[28:30] Richie discusses Australian soccer and the difference between the British game, league and players and the Australian way. 

[34:00] They both then move on to talk about how important the right culture and leadership is important for an effective and sufficient team.