EP 29 - Tyran Smith

EP 29 - Tyran Smith

In this episode of M&M, Mets chats with Tyran Smith former New Zealand rugby league footballer. Listen in as Tyran goes through the mistakes of youth and the importance of being the 1% who does the 1% to set yourself apart from the pack. Not only is Tyran meticulous about the details but has an unexpected source of inspiration and cherishes the relationships around him. A dedicated manager to rising football stars, Tyran shares a refreshing take on the world of football and the importance of staying grounded and genuine in your self-identity. Tune in to the conversation and gain some insight on how to stay resilient and truly commit to your goals. ⁣


M [2:00] “Why did you play for so many clubs?”⁣

T [2:05] “I always wanted to challenge myself and learn from new challenges and experiences and people around me.”⁣

T [2:30] “Continuing to challenge myself and trying to find the best me as a player.”⁣

T [3:10] “You look back and start to see where you took things for granted. Looking back I could have focused and done the little things right and taken advantage of the position I was in.”⁣

T [4:00] “When you go to training make sure you give it 100%. Keep doing the little things right.”⁣

T [15:00] “A coaching merry go round is what rugby league is today.”⁣

T [16:20] “There’s no loyalty in rugby league, but there is loyalty in life.”⁣

T [17:00] “My purpose as a manager is to empower players.”⁣

T [18:00] “If you focus on ego and fame and the fortune (how many people know you and your status) that’s fine when you’re in your prime, but at the end of your career you’re then an empty shell. So you need to know about yourself and follow your beliefs.”⁣

T [19:30] “Understand your key fundamentals and fit NRL around that.”⁣

M [20:10] “A lot of young people don’t know who they are and they get controlled by the people around them.”⁣

T [21:00] “I love what I do, I love making people better and I love watching them grow. I want to continue to support them and make them as successful as possible.”⁣

T [21:40] “I want to be the best person and the best manager.”⁣

M [22:35] “We can never be anyone else, can only be a better version of ourselves.”⁣

T [26:00] “Fitness is the last thing, it’s mindset. Challenge yourself.”⁣


[1:00] Mets tells us a little about Tyran's journey in rugby league so far from player to manager. ⁣

[1:20] Tyran has played over 200 games and for 7 clubs. He shares his journey from the start to now. ⁣

[3:00] Mets asks Tyran what he has learnt so far. ⁣

[4:20] Mets asks Tyran about the challenges he had back when he was playing. Tyran says he didn’t focus on the little things. He didn’t have an understanding of the little things. He was always focused on the bigger things. He didn’t have as much knowledge. He was following those around him instead of searching for or pro actively seeking a better self. ⁣

[6:30] You need to be proactive to find the things that make you better and make you a success. ⁣

[7:00] Tyran didn’t have players he looked up to. His dad is someone he looked up to because of his work ethic. ⁣

[7:30] Tyran admired players but never looked up to them. ⁣

[8:20] Tyran now looks back at things and thinks would be different if he knew back then what he knows now. ⁣

[9:00] Mets and Tyran talk about purpose and how he got into what he does now. ⁣

[9:50] Mets asks how hard is it managing players?! “You can’t control everything but having a good relationship is important. Communication and accountability are crucial.” - Tyran. ⁣

[11:00] Tyran talks about how he likes to have really good relationships with players and likes to go over and beyond. He holds players accountable and holds the club accountable. Everyone has a clear understanding. ⁣

[12:00] Tyran likes players to have clarity on why things are happening. To focus on other areas of their lives like family etc. ⁣

[14:00] Mets ask Tyran what are the different challenges that player focus today? Tyran says social media etc. add pressure and new challenges. The game is tougher, more brutal. A lot bigger and strong guys out there now. Pressures, scrutiny, everything is magnified. ⁣

[27:00] Mets asks what are the attributes a young player needs for success? What does it take? Tyran says the talented players developed their talent since a young age. What you do from a young age is what a player will do at an elite player. Individual talents and skills are developed young. Anyone can do it, you create your own success. Identify your job and do it well. Break it right down. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know what you're good at. Have a clear mindset. Make those around you better. ⁣

[28:40] Mets asks a final question - What do you want to be known for? “To be known as no matter what, someone that’s going to do everything he can to make you better, help you when you're down, celebrate when you’re up. Someone who is a good guy.” - Tyran⁣